VAIN LOUIE are a 5-piece Dutch Melodic Hardcore band. Powerful hardcore with a touch of melody and thrilling riffs provide a dynamic sound. The unceasing energy and creative compositions of these childhood friends drag you along in their powerful and passionate live show. These ingredients create a wall of sound that you can’t ignore.

In recent years Vain Louie has released several singles. In 2022 it's time for something bigger, namely their first full length 'Time Devours Everything'. They have created a unique sound and atmosphere on the album and are keen to deliver it live with a lot of energy. With this release, they are ready to hit the international stages.

VAIN LOUIE: Ruben Jeurissen (vocals), Sander Jeurissen (drums), Scott Hoeks (guitar, backing vocals), Thijs Janssen (guitar), Willem Lam (bass guitar)